The Cardano NFT project with “charity” shows that small things can make great things.

The thought behind this project:

Small effort – big effect

Each FancyFigures collection consists of extravagant, fancy figures.

Each figure is created by hand. This means that every FancyFigure is truly unique.

What sets this project apart from other NFT projects?

With every sale of a collection of FancyFigures, part of the sale is donated to people in need.

Now comes a very decisive point, because the FancyFigures community decides together to whom the donation will be released.

The donation transactions can be viewed by everyone on the FancyFigures website.

As soon as half of a collection is sold, the first part will also be donated.

When a new collection of FancyFigures is completed, the community will be informed.

In the next step, the community will then decide to whom to donate. Only then will the sale of the new collection be released.

In the FancyFigures discord channel, each community member can sign up for a whitelist in advance to secure an NFT.

But that’s not all!

FancyFigures also brings a lot of advantages for yourself.

Because every FancyFigure sold is entered in a gallery on the community page of

Everyone who visits the site has insight into the gallery.

As a highlight for every fancy holder, they get the opportunity to link their figure to their own social media account such as Twitter or Instagram or, if desired, to their own website.

In this way you give your figure a (your)name.

On the community page, a total of 100 FancyFigures are always presented on one page.

Conversely, this means for you that the earlier you are there, the sooner you will get to the top pages.

Now it comes to the “crowning finale”!

After the completion of each collection, each FancyFigures holder also receives a so-called


as a thank you for being a member of this project.

The FancyCoin symbolizes a community that has done good.

This is always created individually for the respective collection with its donation background.